How does water get into my Basement?

Most often wet basements are a result of cracks in the foundation or tie rod holes left during the original building process. Cracks in concrete happen because concrete, although not very flexible, does expand and contract with changing weather conditions, and sometimes the concrete shrinks. During that process cracks develop. Then water, from the wet soil or snow against your foundation will, just like lightening, follow the easiest path through the crack... into your basement!!

It is general knowledge in the construction trade that some cracks are a normal part of the drying and shrinking process of concrete. However, if concrete is cured too fast or rapid temperature changes occur, the cracks may be more troublesome. It has been said "If you can fit a dime in a crack, get it fixed." We definitely agree and even go as far as saying that if you can see a crack and it isn't leaking now it probably will in the future. Our recommendation is if you can see it you should get it fixed, especially if you are thinking about finishing your basement.

Redesign specializes in foundation crack repairs. Our system of sealing cracks from the inside of your house, works amazingly well and has a lifetime transferable guarantee!

The Process.

We start our process by drilling a series of holes every 5 to 7 inches along the side of the crack needing repair. The holes are drilled at an angle such that they intersect with the crack in the middle of the wall. Injection nozzles are placed in these holes and will permanently stay in the wall.

This way we fill the crack both on the inside of your foundation as well as to the outside of your foundation

Once the injection nozzles are inserted the crack is washed out with water and acid. This process cleans the crack of any dust created by the drilling of the holes, as well as any other particles that may have been deposited in the crack over time. After that the acid is rinsed out with clear water and the crack is ready to be injected with resin

Once the Crack has been completely prepared for injection we inject a special resin, using the injection nozzle sites. . This resin expands throughout the crack, and fully seals it from the inside to the outside. During the injection process the resin will expand all the way out of the crack and down the wall ensuring that the crack is fully sealed from top to bottom and inside to outside.

After the injection is complete, and the resin is dry, it is completely safe and easy to scrape off the excess dried resin from the wall, or leave it as is. The injection nozzles used to inject the resin are left in the holes, although cutting these off of the wall after the injection is complete and the resin is dry is also completely harmless if the homeowner desires...

Filling the crack from the inside to the outside prevents further deterioration of the concrete and future costly fixes. Prevention of further water damage to your finished basement is one of the clear advantages of resin injection crack repair.

Our experienced people can even help you by removing and /or replacing drywall that has been damaged or removed during the process of discovering the crack that needs to be repaired

Our process is 100% guarenteed. If you are not satisfied with our work, or your crack leaks we'll come and fix the problem at no additional charge.

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